So when you, a mere human being, pass judgment on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God’s judgment? Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, forbearance and patience, not realizing that God’s kindness is intended to lead you to repentance?

Romans 2: 3-4

But first, a word on the Word, if you will. Once again the first message is simple: Don’t be a hypocrite, you hypocrite! Of course, I’m a pretty major hypocrite simply for typing that, if we’re being honest. How many times have I posted on this blog this year and asked you to do something and yet have failed to do it myself? How many times do I harp on you not to take the word for granted, and yet how often to I fail to come even close to actually loving my neighbor as myself? (Think about that one for a hot second. I know you’ve probably read it like a gazillion times, but when is the last time you actually spent 12 hours trying to live that way? It’s hard, man.)

Verse four also teaches us a freeing lesson. Do you feel constrained by God’s word? Do you think you could have more fun if you weren’t a Christian? That’s a popular conception, especially among nominal Christians, but that is indeed a popular misconception. As Paul says here, repentance should not be a grudging act. In fact, it shouldn’t even be an act in response to fear. Ultimately, repentance should be our reaction to God’s kindness. Our devotion to him should be spurred on by the notion that a life with him is the very definition of a fullfilling life–that God’s word–far from binding us in chains–truly sets us free. Because God shows his kindness to us. Because God is Love to us.

Let’s actually talk about lucid dreaming

I encourage you to keep up with the normal memory techniques for this month, because they should help us memorize Romans 2, even if lucid dreaming doesn’t pan out. If you want a little refresher on the other techniques for this month, please look at yesterday’s post .

Now look, I told you from the title of this post that this will be a wholly insufficient introduction to lucid dreaming, and don’t worry, I’m not a liar! This will indeed be lackluster.

In fact, due to time constraints and my own limited knowledge of lucid dreaming, I’m simply going to refer you to my favorite article on lucid dreaming: .

(The above article is from one of my favorite self-development [read “self-help”] experts, Tim Ferriss. That being said, Mr. Ferriss is not a Christian role model, and I hardly endorse everything he says in this article, let alone on his website. Nonetheless, I have found his information on entrepreneurship, bio-hacking, and many other subjects very helpful, and I do encourage you to check out more of his content.)

This post is day 2 in a 31 day series about memorizing Romans 2. If you’d like to read the introduction post to Romans 2, please click here. Overall, this post is day 65 in a 366 day series. If you’d like, check out one of our “Getting Started” posts to learn more about our overall mission to memorize the book of Romans in one year.

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