I spent way too much time this morning playing with the design of this website and trying to figure out how to market it (if anyone has great design/marketing/traffic ideas, hit me up!). That means I have left myself very little time for an actual quality post, but I do have just a few things to say.

We are in the last three days of Romans 8. That’s a big deal. We now should have mnemonics for every verse, and we should have the order of the mnemonics committed to memory as well. Now we need simply to make sure that we actually remember the Bible verse applied to each mnemonic. I’d recommend having a list of all your mneomonics with you. Then, using our hourly recall routine, try to run through as many verses possible based on the memory movie you’ve created in recent days. If you can’t quite remember the text of the verse, then open up your Bible and see what the verse is. Repeat it to yourself a few times and mark on your card where you got to. When the next hour rolls around, try to make it at least one verse, or scene, further. If you have 20 total scenes, try to get to 10 today.

Keep on keepin’ on, friends, we are running this road, and we’re about to hit a major landmark.

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