How are things going, my friend? Are you finding this process rewarding? Stressful? How is this memory movie process going in particular? I’ve found it to be the easiest part of this whole experience so far. I hope that continues.

As you busy yourself with the important task of Bible memory, please remember that Bible memory is not an all-important task. It will be a good and a joyful thing to have larges passages of scripture committed to heart. Verses will bubble up at unexpected times throughout your life and encourage you. You will have context when you read other passages. But Bible memory will not save you. Only Christ can and will do that.

As you dissect theses passages and project them into your mental movie, don’t lose sight of their beauty. Stop to reflect on–to ponder–one of these verses. Think about what it means to be justified and glorified by Christ himself. Think about what it means to be adopted to sonship or to be impervious against angels and demons and heights and depths. Think about the awesome power of God.

Yes, memorize away, beloved. But don’t memorize the Word of God away.

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