I titled this post, “How to make it all work,” but if I’m being honest, I’m really not certain how to make it all work, and I have a little bit of trepidation that we can somehow coalesce the entire 8th chapter in the coming 6 days. I have a vague plan, though, and let’s try it in this first month and see what happens!

The Memory Movie

We now have all of our mnemonics together in one place. Now we have to remember all the mnemonics and put them in the right order. If we somehow manage to do that, then we actually have to recall the legitimate verse(s) that the mnemonic represents. In other words, we’ve got a lot of work to do, but I’m banking on one hope: we spent so much time with these verses and mnemonics throughout the month. If we get them in the right order, I have at least mild confidence that we’ll be able to recall many of the verses. We have 6 days, so let’s use three to nail down the order of the mnemonics and let’s use the remaining three to recall the verses for which they stand.

“But how, Levi, how in the world are we going to remember the order of those infernal mnemonics?” Ahh, I’m glad you theoretically asked. We’ve got to create a mental movie in which we attach vivid images to each of the mnemonics. Now, here’s the thing, the setting of the movie has got to be a place that you’re very familiar with. People often use a childhood home, or their current home. I am going to use different golf courses that I’m familiar with.

Here’s how it works: think about taking someone on a tour of your house. Think about the route that you would take them on. (Or, if you’re a golfer like me, think about vivid scenes from your favorite golf course.) Now, attach your first mnemonic to something memorable at the front of your tour. It might be your front door or foyer. It might be the first hole of Augusta National (that’s mine–don’t worry, I’ve never played there, I’ve just dreamed of it enough that I feel like I’ve played there many times). Now look at your first mnemonic and create a scene that represents that first mnemonic. This shouldn’t be too difficult and please feel free to make it really absurd–the more memorable, the better! And remember, you’re already familiar with the setting, so you don’t even have to worry about remembering that.

For instance, I’ll think of my second mnemonic, “Let’s play water frisbee. SSSSS. CS (Lewis).” I’ll play that mnemonic over in my mind and try to paint this “scene” on the second hole of Augusta National. I vividly see Louis Oosthuizen standing in the middle of the fairway in 2012, about to hit his famous four iron that will wind its way into the hole for a rare double eagle. But then he turns to me and says, in his stark South African accent, “Let’s play water frisbee.”

Then I go down to the green and I see Phil Mickelson putting in 2010, when a piece of pine cone flips down onto the green in the middle of Phil’s stroke and knocks his ball off line. Everyone in the crowd makes a “SSSSS” noise as a result.

Finally, I vividly see C.S. clear on the top half of the green, putting about 60 feet down to the traditional Sunday pin placement down below.

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